Board of Directors

The GaYBOR District Coalition is a not-for profit 501 c(6) organization that has been supporting and advocating for the LGBTA community since 2007. The GaYBOR District Coalition Board of Directors are local business owners and residents who volunteer their time to help further the mission of GaYBOR.  If you are interested in volunteering your time with the GaYBOR District, please contact us for more information about on how you can help.

Current Board Members:

Ernie Webb

President – Ernie Webb

Chou Chou Guilder

Vice President – ChouChou Guilder

Bill Gillespie

Treasurer – Bill Gillespie

Chris Hannay

Co-Secretary (Clerical) – Chris Hannay


Co-Secretary (Media) Christi van Os-Ghey


Co-Secretary (Media) Jeremiah Adorno

Carol Steen

Residents/Events – Carol “Mamma” Steen

Martk Costa

Membership/At Large – Mark Costa