Membership Levels

  Individual Non Profit Business Corporate
General Benefits $50 $75 $150 $500
Number of Members 1 1 2 10
Exclusive Rights to Display Gaybor’s Logo in Marketing   X X X
Online Directory Benefits        
Online Business Directory Listing with Link   Name Name Logo
Number of Categories   1 2 3
Job Posting on Website   5 per Year Unlimited Unlimited
Event Listings on Gaybor Website Calandar   3 Per Year 5 Per Year Unlimited
Advertising Benefits        
Rotating Banner Ad on Gaybor Website*   $150 $150 X
Dedicated Email Blast   $50 $50 X
Ability to Advertise in our Gay Travel Guide, Wedding Guide and More   X X X
Discount on Advertising Opportunities   10% 15% 25%
Discounted Event Tickets  X  X  X
Free Expo Tables at Gaybor Functions       X
Social Media exposures with posting, shares and events on Facebook & Instagram   X X X
Logo Recognition at all Gaybor Events       X
Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies Available   X X X
Tampa Pride Discount X X X X
Network Benefits        
Number of Complimentary Admissions to Mixers   1 1 2
Participate in our Exclusive Member-to-Member Discount Program X X X X
Access to member only events X X X X
Gaybor Member Referrals   X X X
Free Quarterly Luncheon Tickets       4 Tickets
Free Tickets to Annual Gala       2 Tickets

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